Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I SAW IT FIRST!: Gold Poop Pills

When the New Museum on Bowery opened in December, all the blogs were abuzz about this product from Just Another Rich Kid: 24K Gold Poop Pills. You get 3 pills of 24K gold flake for $275, guaranteed to make your poop sparkle and you a complete douche for buying them. But I SAW IT FIRST! Well, actually my friend Jared did, at Hejfina in Wicker Park, Chicago. Then there followed a time when I was actively applying to write for blogs, and I reviewed these pills as a sample of my writing and trend-hunting skillz. 

It's been a year since, and the world is just discovering what I'm so over. And now I'm writing my own blog, unpaid as it is.

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Double checker said...

Sometimes you're so ahead of the trends, you're around the curve - and no one can see you 'cuz you move so fast!