Tuesday, January 15, 2008

RIDILUX: 24K Loss Prevention Brooch

This is both Ridiculous Luxury and a Covet . All those months back when I lived in Chicago, I actually encountered a real, live specimen of this on the street. A woman was wearing it hanging off the left lapel of a plain black skirt suit, and I was immediately taken in by this simple and cheeky accessory. It. is. perfection. It is the 2003 "Respect Me" by AndrewAndrew; a loss prevention tag cast in 24K gold. Entranced by the piece, I spent a good several hours of intensive googling before finding the right keywords to locate it, only to discover that it is no longer available. Nowhere can I find a price, how much do you think it would go for? I made feeble attempts at locating one of these old tags in a department store, but to no avail. Make me one? I'm a little short on liquid 24K gold this time of year.

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