Thursday, May 22, 2008

Laughing Quietly to Myself on the Subway

Just as I'm sure that if you're reading this you know about JetBlue's new jetting campaign, I trust that you'll join me in being extremely entertained by their ads. The other day, while rambling along underground on the F train, I squinted up at the JetBlue "timeline," throughout which pleasant little quips are made about the olden days of air travel. I read the whole thing, which took about 30 seconds out of my precious staring-into-space time, and found myself quietly tee-heeing by Broadway/Lafayette. Here I share with you my favorite two, but admittedly the one below really left me with a private smirk. Oh my god, I am such a dork.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Whatcha Got There?

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Ah yes, the photo of a person's bag and all the junk normally contained within. How very original, how very telling, how very whatever. So I've submitted to a curiousity I've had for a while, of what my usual everyday crap would look like given the same treatment as the crap of famous designers and people. You know the spreads: Japanese bag company Porter does them for their seasonal "Perfect Book," Monocle copied off of Porter and now features them in every issue, and there's Sophia Calle's contracted-out Chanel project of buying people's bags straight off of their arms and then displaying the contents.
Above is my contribution to the trend, and it is very true (aside from the cat).
1- A laminated map of NYC, covered in stickers to disguse that it is a map of NYC
2- Oscar de la Renta sunglasses in a case (got them cheap)
3- $16 Marc Jacobs business card holder (with business cards!)
4- Generic coverup purchased at a Walgreens in LA
5- The latest issue of Monocle which will take me all month to finish
6- Flight 001 camera case with a 6 yr old digital camera
7- Keys and various discount cards
8- An issue of L Magazine from a few weeks back
9- MUJI antibacterial wipes and Lipsmacker strawberry balm
10- Comme des Garcons wallet
11- Freitag bag in the Cooper style
12- Cell phone with Seoul metro card attachment (I'm part of the proletariat - no iphone)
13- Netflix DVD waiting to be mailed back, and a cat toy (the cat put the toy there, I swear)
14- Cat (not mine) sitting on a Japanese ferry journal (mine), and a Venetian murder mystery
15- Viagra pen I've had since high school and my Path train smartcard

From this, I can deduce two things about the owner (myself): She is lazy (didnt bother to get the recent L Magazine, takes forever to read Monocle, hasn't yet returned netflix, won't play with playful cat, doesn't put on more makeup than chapstick) AND she is miserly (won't spring for a new camera or iphone even if it will improve her quality of life tremendously, luxury items pictured all purchased on deep sale discount, doesn't have an "it" bag). Yet, I couldn't be happier with it all.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

In Gotham: A Dash of Sartoriality...Reality

Image via The Sartorialist
Just a quick observation. There are days when nothing happens. And there are days when I spot Chris March and the Sartorialist, and I buy awesome fresh guacamole from West Side Market.

For instance, the Sartorialist's photo above is proof. A few days ago I hopped over by The Maritime to do this story, and passed by as this photo happened. I watched the mysterious cyclist enter the hotel after leaving this position. And I only noticed because of the way he was dressed. The commenters over at the Sartorialist's blog have it right:
Nice bike. Overall, the look is a bit affected. And no socks with that type of shoe is not very attractive.
This dude reminds me of that period months ago when everyone was having Owen Wilson spottings around town, as he zipped about on a blue bike and generally tried to assume carefree airs. All this is also happening during the week of the Sartorialist's being cut from the GAP campaign AND of the PostSecret card - with which I completely identify:On to today! Taking the train this morning, I noticed something amiss with the sartorial-ness of the guy across from me. There was a HUGE TAG hanging off of his sleeve. I noticed it first, and through the 10-minute ride, I caught the mildly amused glances of others. Who buys a leather jacket just when the weather hits 78 and sunny? A smart man does, because on the flip side of that tag is probably "Clearance $49.99." Check out my hazy cameraphone pics below.