Tuesday, January 15, 2008

IN GOTHAM: Rich kid buys more stuff

I'm sure you've heard the tales of the young founders of collegehumor.com: their $10,000-a-month loft, fast relationships with known idiots, and speculation on vices. So I wasn't exactly surprised when I opened the NY Observer the other day and saw this bit about the 1.97 M. condo one of them just purchased in the West Village. Then it sank in that this is the building underneath which sits my PATH station, and houses my local Urban Outfitters and Starbucks, AND generally looks too pretty to house 26 yr old millionaires. The place currently has a duplex penthouse on the market for 7+ M., just in case you fancy the idea of sharing the elevator with someone who made a career out of linking to videos like "How to Make a Big Mac at Home. Awesome."

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Amanda said...

This'll be my first comment to your blog. I feel my online life has a new meaning now, and I feel inspired to maybe develop a blog, maybe. However, I have far less interesting and less witty thoughts to post. I enjoyed the stamp post the most, and apparently steve found the humor to be the most enjoyable part. I give this two thumbs up.