Saturday, January 26, 2008

STRAIGHT TRIPPIN: Live from St. Maarten

HEY my adoring public! Just a little announcement before I jump on the diveboat...tomorrow I will be live from the Maho Bay Beach Bar at 1pm! Ok, so I'll just be drinking at the bar which is at the end of the St. Maarten airport runway, and you can catch me on one of their 5 webcams, oblivious to your presence. Nonetheless, should be an awesome excuse for you to daydream about warmer weather, and to possibly catch the landings of the big Air France from Paris, and the AA and JetBlue flights from NY. That's why I'll be there...oh yes, and for you. Hmm what will I be wearing? Grey capris, a black v-neck, a thick white bracelet, and red sunglasses. Oh yes, and my trusty black Havaianas (by the way, there is a Havaianas boutique here, and each pair is like, 32 Euro! and yes, the Euro is KILLING ME). LOVE from the "friendly island..."

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