Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Big BIG News!

Inspired by Perez Hilton's big announcement of a new flavor at Pinkberry, I am proclaiming from the mountaintops (well, this blog anyway) that Metromint water is launching the new flavor: CHOCOLATEMINT. I first sipped the sweet, sweet nectar of Metromint Peppermint after a long day of biking in Chicago, when I stopped in at Filter in Wicker Park (Filter is now a bank, sadly). Then this last summer Metromint released the lemonmint and orangemint, and now they see fit to grace us with Ambrosia...
It's not on the shelf yet, but do look for it soon at Balducci's and West Side Market.

UPDATE: Just bought some at Balducci's! Very subtle...actually refreshing. 

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