Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Goodbye, Isaac. Hello, Jonathan.

So yes, it may on every other blog today just like the Macbook Air, but Target announced that Isaac Mizrahi will be leaving for Liz Claiborne. He will be replaced (c'mon, like anyone can really replace Isaac!) by Brit Jonathan Saunders (see his stuff above), who will be the next Go! International designer after Jovovich-Hawk. From Racked: "His latest collection for British high street retailer Topshop features jersey dresses printed with bold, primary color shapes." Did somebody say my name?!

When it comes to designer collections for mass production, I leech onto them like the retail vampire I am. Despite my undying love and gratitude for Isaac (hello, he once did a woodgrain skirt and dress for Target!), I'll be VERY thrilled to see the mod prints and bright colors of Saunders after Jovovich-Hawk smears their boho-chic all over Target.

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