Thursday, February 7, 2008

A LA MODE: Plaid like whoa

...and these are only a sampling!! Plaid is apparently the THING for fall/winter 2008. This is even after I saw the dude above (the one in purple plaid) at the Caravan show last September wearing yet another head-to-toe plaid ensemble. Turns out, that's his constant schtick.

Anyways, the last two looks are straight off my Y-3 runway, where Jessica Stam rocked a yellow plaid jacket with scarf that I totally crave. And that second dude, with the bag and pointy shoes, well he is the notorious dandy Patrick McDonald. I kind of love him. I mean, you have to read about his mouse encounter...

So yes...plaid. The other day I saw someone wearing a plaid shirt, which happened to be the spot-on same plaid as my Catholic elementary uniform skirt.

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