Tuesday, February 5, 2008

FASHION WEEK 08: X, Y-3, and Zeal

When you think of NY Fashion Week, perhaps you get excited at the prospect of seeing the hottest new wrap dress at DVF, or what styles from Badgley Mischka will be on the next red carpet. WHATEVER. Even though I wouldn't turn those tickets down, the FW show I live for is Y-3, and funnily enough, it's the only one I can legitly attend.

Why am I so hot for Yohji Yamamoto? It's simple, really.

  1. I love saying his name. I freaking love it. It's become onomatopoeia in my mind...describing the sound of slick aesthetic; if "slick aesthetic" had a sonance, it would be yō'jī yä'mə-mō'tō.
  2. After learning his name and saying it a few times, I took a look at the brand and decided WHOA this is totally hot. I would wear/carry every (and I mean EVERY) piece ever marketed. A Zac Posen dress might make you look chic at one annual fancy event, but a Y-3 outfit gives you a style boost every day and ON THE STREET. It does for me.
  3. Y-3/YY has achieved the perfect triple balance of supply, demand, and price. You can successfully hold the lines up as a style barometer. Supply is limited, and only sold at boutiques where you'd have to be "in the know" to discover even the store (examples: Complex Platinum Club, Flight 001, and George Greene). I spent late 2006 stalking Nordstrom's racks hoping to see a certain blue Y-3 hoodie with white branded elbow patches, which never showed. Demand is high and not solely riding on trend. Y-3 falls comfortably in with street wear, where exclusivity is tops. Also, the Japanese name and superb fits are super popular with current trendsetters, who lust for other international urban/secret brands like Visvim, Surface to Air, and Gareth Pugh. Price is totally within reach, if you manage to find the stuff. Shoes max out around $500 and clothes start at $40 for tees (but particularly unique runway pieces could be closer to $1000).
  4. I've bought into it. I'm not standing here talking about the awesomeness of Yohji with no Y-3 in my closet. I LOVE what I rock, and as it should be with great clothing, there is a story for each piece. Here I admit to also having a single Stella McCartney for Adidas item...shhh...
So there is a primer for what is to come. Now that I have you allll psyched up, I promise a report tomorrow on the Y-3 runway (which was Sunday, but I'm tired right now).

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