Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Italians have all the good stuff the best freaking art exhibitions, not to mention culture in general. OK so this show is over as of 5 days ago, but I am still totally into the concept. You see, the ruling office in Italy is like a hallway in a slapstick comedy, with various players good and bad chasing each other in and out of doors, crawl-spaces, and kitchen appliances.

Recently the comedy seems on fast-forward, with Prodi deposed, parliament dissolved, and an election at hand. This is manifest especially on the streets, as election posters layer over ads layer over election posters. Above is a poster for an exhibition studying these paper layers of contemporary history...and I think it is brilliant. The Italians have all the coolest political drama/poster design/cultural exhibitions.

(and a woot for the IHT)

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