Wednesday, February 20, 2008

IN GOTHAM: $200 for a hunk of hollow neon plastic

Always a fan of bright colors and modular design, I popped into the Karim Rashid opening this evening at Elga Wimmer Gallery in Chelsea. The show is "Bloblove," and ummm snap judgment: Rashid should stick to product design and stop trying to like, sell his artistic residue.

Anndd that residue is listed as $4-6K for a print he digitally turned out, and $200 for each of those plastic pieces above. Or...BARGAIN! You can have 20 of them for $1500. Mr. Wearing-white-from-head-to-toe-well-almost-cause-his-
shoes-were-pink-tonight better not quit his day job.

Going into the gallery as a fan of Rashid's Dirt Devil Kone, his packaging for Method, and his chair for Veuve Clicquot, I was expecing some...funky originality. BUT, it was all very 1990s Trapper Keeper.

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