Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I am the Good Samaritan of the blogosphere - HA!

Soooo quick story: Almost 2 years ago I stopped into my local Louis Vuitton to check out their guidebooks set (bet you didn't know they had one!). The store had one set left, sitting in a drawer, and they wouldn't let me open it. Two months later I scored a single book of a 2002 set for $1 at a rummage sale in Chicago's Gold Coast.

Fast forward to late January 2008, when I'm on perhaps my fourth daily visit to, and I see that they've posted about the LV City Guides, and they ask if any readers have seen the contents. If so, does anyone have pictures of the interior? HELLO - I had my single guide sitting to my right. So I scanned in some pages and sent them along to notcot with my love.

Now I'm just going to show off. Jean at NotCot posted my pics and credited me, and now I feel all cool. Check out my awesomeness: HERE!!!
(BTW - The content of the LV Guides isn't great at all. It leans to be as genericly charming as possible, and each book only contains 4 small illustrations. Better go with Luxe Guides.)

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