Thursday, March 6, 2008

Honeyshed is QVC with flyer kiks

I have just spent the last two hours RIVETED by this new infomercial/videocast thing - Honeyshed. OK so the products they push are kind of random - everything from limited edition Air Force Ones to $5 disposable thongs, but their demographic is just right. They're targeting those kids sitting in front of their laptops bored, with a sense of style and credit cards newly minted. All in all, it's kind of like a video version of highsnobiety/highsnobette and nitrolicious...but with more wayfarers and side ponytails (if that's even possible).

My favorite short product pitch was for a houndstooth Yankees cap. It quickly evolved into the history of houndstooth, into Scotland, into Sean Connery as 007, and finally wound up into James Bond impressions. And their "Pok vs. Fly" feature is hilarious!!!

Check out a few more screenshots below. In the one right below...the host on the right says "Ooh you are looking like you drive a Ferrari. I get the Ferrari vibe from you." And the "guest" on the right responds: "I drive a Maserati. To my Ferrari." It was perfect and I laughed out loud.

I don't know where they find these people. Probably on the bench outside the American Apparel on Houston.

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ST said...

driving a ferarri to his maserati isn't a joke. my friend's dad in london keeps a mercedes suv to drive to his bentley because he's embarrassed to have the bentley parked outside. they might joke in trendy informercials, but this is a serious problem.