Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I SAW IT FIRST: Metallic shirt, dressy vest, skinny artsy dude

(Christian photo: Fashionista.com)
Imagine my surprise when, while reading Fashionista as usual, I see the photo of Project Runway's Christian (on the right) and immediately think of the outfit I styled a year ago for my favorite performance artist/friend J (on the left).

Yes, it's true. While still living in Chicago I made a quick trip to NY and stumbled upon the MJ sale, scoring a silver mens shirt made of Tyvek for J. Shortly after, J had a show at a gallery and I styled the outfit he's wearing there - dark jeans, the silver metallic MJ shirt, and black formal vest. He's also sporting D&G glasses exactly like Christian's, and he formerly had hair of the same...inspiration.

So there we go. I saw it first - the whole winning combination of metallic shirt, dress vest, those glasses and a skinny/artsy/fierce dude to wear it to a hot gallery opening.

Ugh-- in less direct lighting, the Tyvek shirt really looks awesome --like a cousin of duct tape.

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