Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why the Delay and then Off and Away

Sorry chickies! If you've been checking back here every so often hoping for updates and finding only the Marc Jacobs skunk yet again, please bear with me as I've got good reason. Two reasons actually:

I'm a Contributor for - which has always been one of many blog addictions.

TWO -My tax refunds arrived and I'm running with them before my college loans gulp them down whole. For the next two weeks starting today, I'm traveling very jetset with only a carry-on to various points in Asia. I promise, if everything syncs correctly, to blog updates from the orient. As it stands now, I've jotted pages of recommendations from friends and favorite blogs on how to do as the locals (including where is the best chargrilled squid leg-on-a-stick). Looky here let's get this straight-- I'm no tourist. I got museum-heavy jaunts and backpacking out of my system in Europe years ago. I've grown into leisurely absorption of culture through immersion and complete giving over of myself. Is it possible to go native in 2 weeks? I am sure as hell going to try.

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