Saturday, June 27, 2009

Me: Now Available In Print

Well, I'm now available in print, but only if you rode London's Tube system on the 23. June and picked up a copy of one of the city's free rags: thelondonpaper.

Thanks to some great connections through blogs, I was able to write up one of my favorite additions to the New York scene: The High Line. My article joins coverage of the newly-opened Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam and the Acropolis Museum in Athens to form the paper's weekly section on travel. Read it below! Ok, I'm kidding, you can read it here and see pictures, video and more coverage of my High Line adventures here.
P.S. - London seems to like me. Earlier this year I was chosen as the winner of a photography competition sponsored by Flickr and The Design Museum. The interview that resulted can be found here.
[Photos via edscoble and more ILoveQ8]

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