Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy Branding or: How I Would Drink This Milk Despite Lactose Intolerancy

What's the deal, Target brand Archer Farms? No new redesign love for soy milk? I see how it is.

Like any good girl living in a city during the age of Apple, Method and Design Within Reach, I've developed a soft spot for product design with a particular sensitivity to branding. Brand New, Lovely Package, and YourLogoMakesMeBarf are on my RSS and Muji accessories dot my desk, so I don't take it lightly to proclaim that Archer Farms' new packaging blows me away.

So what if it resembles the Bahamas logo? I want to lick the cereal boxes below something fierce. These changes, a turn to the simplistic, hearken back to the days of being a kid and playing "kitchen" with mini wood rolling pins and dented kid-sized muffin tins with a few heartwarming rusty spots.

It's like your mom's old cookbooks from the 1960s and 70s, filled with recipes for lemon squares and swedish meatballs and sporting some primary colors atop slowly yellowing pages. Not to mention the pastoral hints; one can imagine these items plopped onto a circular wood kitchen table in some picture-perfect country house during breakfast. They evoke visions of wheat fields and Scandinavian sunrises.

Since I live NYC, and wheat fields (let alone sunrises) are hard to come by, I kind of want to spend all my money on these packages just to have them lining my countertop and cheering me up with their visual appeal. Especially the turtle macaroni & cheese; that turtle is so mine.
Images and more at: Lovely Package

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