Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Remembering A Most/Least Glamorous Fashion Week

Ah, Fashion Week. Now that you are over, I feel that my thoughts have settled enough to write a little in remembrance of you. As it was, I practically stepped off of my flight back from Hong Kong and straight into the Bryant Park Tents, so the last 3 weeks were as hectic as they were intriguing. And I wouldn't have had it any other way. So let us skip the collection reviews and various other stories, which I've already covered to death over at Racked, and instead get a little more personal with My Top 10 Most/Least Glamorous Fashion Week Moments.

10: Grabbing a town car to take me from the Tents to the Rag & Bone show / Grabbing a spicy cod roe kimbap roll at Kinokuniya, only to have it stink up the inside of my bag.
9: Hitting the McQueen for Target Preview Party / Being hit on at the McQueen for Target Preview Party
8: Knowing that the dresses I'm seeing will be on magazine covers yet months from now / Knowing that my boobs will never fit into said dresses
7: During small talk, saying "Oh yes, I just got back from Hong Kong" / Being back from Hong Kong
6: Actually being recognized as a blogger and getting assigned seats this Fashion Week / Sitting in the 9th or 10th row while magazines like Cookie and CN Traveler get on the runway.
5: Spending entire days in my rare pieces of designer clothing / Spending entire days hiking up my underwear as my leggings had unnatural control over them
4: Walking down the steps in front of the Tent in my Costume Nationals and hearing a bystander call out: "Now those are some heels!" / Going around the corner and ashamedly switching to flats
3: Sharing an elevator up to Leifsdottir with [VP of Bergdorf Goodman] Linda Fargo / Sharing a long wait at a Chelsea Starbucks with Linda Fargo
2: Sitting front row at Carlos Campos / Sitting front row at Carlos Campos
1: Chatting with Jason Wu at Band of Outsiders / Being accidentally caught in the background of a Sartorialist snap
Thank you, Thank you. At least I avoided any porta-pottie mishaps, unlike some other unfortunate fashionistas. Until September, I'm signing off on #NYFW.

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