Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Best Story This Week: Philippe Starck Goes Shopping at Big Lots

The minute this story hit my feed, I wanted to immediately comment on it. Well, it's been a day and I've simmered down from the original tizzy in which this story had put me. Nonetheless, it is a must-read and omg the pictures! I almost lolcat-macroed all of them, but restrained myself. Some notes:

  • The LA Times took Philippe Starck to a Hollywood Big Lots for some recession-friendly shopping and *gasp* he put together a place setting for $5.50! I'm pretty sure that I've got him beat though, since my nightly place setting is usually a 40-cent clearance plate in the shape of a Hibiscus flower that I bought at a Walgreens last year.
  • Starck is no stranger to discount big-box retail; his Target collection of many years ago was a hit, even though it featured much in neon yellow/green. I have the letter opener and can vouch for its functionality (makes a great fingernail cleaner, ah hem). 
  • In the underwear aisle, he picks up a pack of boxer shorts for himself saying: "so when a man takes off his clothes, the girl will not laugh." But let's be serious here for a sec, bro: with those pants you wore to Big Lots, you don't have to worry about the girl laughing after you take them off. 
  • He buys a bra! He digs the sidewalk chalk! He springs for a folding table! Oh man, I both have and can always afford those things. Am I part of the design elite yet?
  • The best advice for a recession-impacted 2009 comes out of this shopping spree at Big Lots: "Look for the bowl that looks most like a bowl." When people start buying etched-crystal gravy boats again, we will know that the recession has passed. For now, just use a plain damn bowl.
Words to live by, people. Whatever, you know you would kill for a Starck gun lamp. And so, one final comment: in PSFK's post about this story, they repeatedly misspell Starck as "Stark." WTF...just wtf?! I digress, as usual.

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